Square and Compasses Scottish Saltire Lodge Camelon 1456 Scottish Saltire Square and Compasses

Meeting Report 9th November 2023

A Regular meeting of the Lodge was held on this evening.

Right Worshipful Master Brother Robert Baird, opened the meeting and warmly welcomed the members and visitors to the meeting.

On this occasion the Right Worshipful Master assisted by the Office Bearers of the Lodge Initiated one Gentleman into Freemasonry in a very solemn and dignified manner.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Right Worshipful Master thanked the Office Bearers for their assistance. He also thanked all present for their support and invited as many as possible to stay behind for hospitality.

Brother John Mortimer Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Thistle and Rose No 73 congratulated the RWM and his team and thanked the Lodge for the warmth and cordiality of the welcome.

The Right Worshipful Master thereafter closed the Lodge with an invitation to all to stay behind and partake in Lodge hospitality. This was duly done.

The next Regular Meeting of the Lodge will be held on Thursday 23rd November 2023 and will be a Fellowcraft Degree.

All qualified Brethren will be made most welcome.

Bring along a friend/Brother who may not have been in the Lodge for a while, he will also be made most welcome.